Private piano instructors can list their name in this Piano Teacher Directory

Piano teachers, you can attract more students by making your personal studio visible online! Students that are actively searching for a piano teacher in the Los Angeles area can find you!

There are currently two listing options for private piano teachers in the Los Angeles area (music schools/institutions please go here). Both options are a safe and effective way to find new students that are in your area! See the Privacy Policy to read how your information is protected.

  • BASIC LISTING - a free option which includes the following information:

    • Your name

    • Your phone number

    • Your E-mail address

    • Your general location identified by the nearest intersection on a Google map.

  • ENHANCED LISTING - includes up to 5 web pages on with the following information:

    • Name, phone number, E-mail

    • Your general location identified on the appropriate area map with a special icon.

    • Your biographical information (up to 5000 words)

    • Your fees, payment policies, and lesson calendar

    • Your studio policy (up to 5000 words)

    • Your teaching philosophy (up to 5000 words)

    • Pictures of you and/or your studio (up to 25 MB)

    • Recordings of you and/or your students (up to 25 MB)

    • A section for you to list “recommendations” from parents and students (you can list quotes or give names and numbers of individuals).

    • Link to your personal website (if you already have one)

    • FEES: